CAEplex Tutorials

Tutorial #1: compression in a linking rod

This tutorial is based on Simscale’s first tutorial . You may check it out to see the differences and how simpler CAEplex’ approach is.

You can open a finished tutorial project, but you need to log-in to clone the finished project or to create a new empty tutorial project from scratch.

Watch the videos below and reproduce the steps in a real CAEplex project.

Quick tutorial (~ 1 min)

Step #1: Problem

  1. Click the purple button “Add displacement condition”
  2. Pick the three internal faces of the big-end cylinder (123, 132 & 133)
  3. Click the green button “Add external load condition”
  4. Pick the two internal faces of the small-end cylinder in the rod direction (125 & 126)
  5. Write 20 (MPa) in the pressure field
  6. Click the green button “Next step → Mesh”

Step #2: Mesh

  1. Write 3 (mm) in the Global element size ℓc field.
  2. Click the blue button “Refresh”
  3. After the mesh is re-generated, click the green button “Next step → Results”

Step #3:Results

  1. Drag the slider in the “Displacements & stresses” box to warp the results.
  2. Open the “Layers & Legend” box
  3. Select “Principal 3” to see the compression principal stress.

Tutorial #1: mechanical analysis (detailed) (~ 8 min)

Tutorial #2: thermal analysis (~ 3 min)

Tutorial #3: thermo-mechanical analysis (~ 6 min)