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Finite elements in the cloud

A really-easy web-based platform for performing
thermo-mechanical analysis right from your browser.

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No need to install any extra software

Just open a regular web browser such as Firefox or Chrome and search online for “caeplex.” It works in any operating system such as Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux, iOS, Android, etc.

Check your browser compatibility here


No need to buy extra hardware

The computations are performed on our servers so CAEplex works on any existing PC, laptop, tablet or phone without requiring any hardware update nor maintenance. No need to buy a new computer nor to add RAM to your oldie one.

Not a cloud guy? Request CAEplex on premise

Quick & easy

Get results in seconds (literally)

Our killer feature: “ease and speed.” A CAEplex case can be solved from scratch down to the results in less than one minute thanks to our 3-step workflow. If you know a faster FEA app, please let us know.

See more examples in our Youtube channel


Use it from a tablet or smartphone

CAEplex can be used from any mobile device such as a tablet or phones, no matter how old or wrecked. Access and show your work from any location at any time.


Share your projects with other people

Just copy & paste the URL (or get a short one like this and let other people see (and even modify) your engineering work at CAEplex.

Industry 4.0-ready

Cloud, mobile, collaborative & agile

Enjoy working in an agile development leveraging simulation (we rather say “modeling”), additive manufacturing, and mobile online collaboration.

Bake, shake and break your CAD parts…

Thermal conduction

Obtain the temperature distribution within your part

Modal analysis

Compute the natural frequencies and modes of oscillation

…with our unique 3-step workflow…

1. Problem

Define properties and boundary conditions

2. Mesh

Create a suitable finite-element mesh

…in less than one (literal) minute…

Either from Onshape…

Sign in into Onshape, make sure you are subscribed to CAEplex in the App Store, open your Part Studio and add a new CAEplex tab.

…or directly here

Sign in into, create a new project from a new geometry, drag your CAD file, confirm and click on start a new project.

Meet Seamplex, the company behind CAEplex

What we do

We carry out IT-intensive projects to solve engineering problems.

How we do what we do

By leveraging state-of-the-art computer science into 4.0-ready industries.

Why we do what we do

Because we want to add value to our clients’ products & services by shifting paradigms.