A really easy web-based platform
for finite-element analysis
running on the cloud

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CAEplex is a web front-end for open-source engineering computational codes running on the cloud. It is the first platform designed from the back-end outward, embedding the UNIX philosophy in its design basis to write an easy-to-use yet flexible and powerful tool for engineers.

The front-end was designed from scratch in the same spirit the back-end was actually designed, coded and implemented. Simple parts connected by well-defined interfaces. Separated policies ands mechanisms. Easy communication with other programs. Small cooperating pieces.

CAEplex is technology that shifts paradigms

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CAEplex Tutorial

Validation documents

Do it yourself

Perform mechanical analysis of your products without installing expensive and hard-to learn software, nor buying expensive and one-time-use hardware, nor recurring to expensive experts (yet).

Get a PDF

Generate an engineering-grade report with your name and your logo that gives the percentage of resistance your product has under working loads, supported by the finite-element theory.

Share your work

Your projects and reports can be shared with your colleagues, suppliers and/or customers. Keep them always available and access them even from your tablet or smartphone.


No need to install any extra software


No need to buy extra hardware


Similar to a 3D modeling app


Share your projects with other people

PDF output

Support your design with a report


Use it from a table or smartphone


(but not simpler) Default values do work


End-to-end & storage cryptography

Open source

The back-end is free and open


Replace fixed costs with variable costs


Forums, webinars, blogs, …

UNIX Philosophy

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