Perform mechanical analysis of your parts without needing to resort to an expert consultant (yet).

Your own staff will be making finite-element analysis to study and analyze how your parts behave under load in no time. You can generate engineering-grade PDF reports with your logo and your numeration. Even if you do not fully understand the mathematical details, you can show such report to other engineers and they will completely understand the results and how you obtained them.


Not only has Seamplex—the company behind CAEplex—developed the front-end but also the main back-end, namely Fino. We know every detail about the front-end. And we know every detail about the back-end.

Moreover, Fino is both free and open source software. So you can take a look at it, see how it works, see what (and how!) equations are being solved, study it, analyze hack it and freely re-distribute it. It is free as in free speech, not just free as in “free beer.”

Read our blog post From chess to finite elements (passing through blackjack) for a brief insight about CAEplex’s front-end/back-end approach.

Clone the source code from our repository.

CAEplex is a web front-end for open-source engineering computational codes running in the cloud. It is the first platform designed from the back-end outward, embedding the UNIX philosophy in its design basis to write an easy-to-use yet flexible and powerful tool for engineers.

The front-end was designed, coded and implemented from scratch in the same spirit the back-end was actually designed, coded and implemented. Simple parts connected by well-defined interfaces. Separated policies ands mechanisms. Easy communication with other programs. Small straightforward cooperating pieces.

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