Solver back-end Fino   v0.6.8-ge129ee0
Advanced settings
Krylov method
DOF ordering
Gradient evaluation

Problem checklist

Material elastic properties  

Young modulus E= 3.5 GPa
Poisson ratio ν= 0.35 
Density ρ= 1.3e+3 kg/m3
Yield stress σyield= 35.9 MPa

Volumetric forces  

Type None

Fixed screws  

Type Fixed face
Zero displacement in all directions u= v=  w=  0

Force of drag  

Total force acting on set of surfaces
Total force in x Fx= 0
Total force in y Fy= 500 N
Total force in z Fz= 0

Spatial discretization  

Meshing back-end Gmsh   4.2.3
Mesh order 2
Mesh characteristic length c 3.85 mm
Nodes 94.4 k
   Tetrahedra 56.8 k
   Triangles 19.4 k