Plans & pricing


Try & play with our community.
Everything you do is made public.

0 /month

Free forever. No strings attached.

  •   Public projects + online collaboration
  •   No payment needed
  •   Unlimited time period
  •   5,000 cloud credits per month
  •   256 Mb data storage
  •   Problems up to 100k nodes
  •   Community-provided support


Cloud-based CAE for business.
Private projects & collaboration.

80 /month*

* When billed annually, otherwise 100 USD/month.

  •   Private projects + online collaboration
  •   One-time credit card setup (after trial)
  •   14 days trial + monthly or annual billing
  •   20,000 cloud credits per month
  •   2,048 Mb data storage
  •   Problems up to 200k nodes
  •   Email & online official support


Many users within a company.
A tailor-made solution for you.

Customize CAEplex to fit your needs.

  •   Private projects + online collaboration
  •   Flexible payment methods
  •   Flexible billing
  •   Flexible cloud credits per month
  •   Flexible data storage
  •   Large problems support
  •   Email, online & phone support

What’s the main difference between the free and paid plans?

They are technically similar, but in the free plan everything you do becomes public. Both plans have the same features, can solve the same type of problems and provide the same collaboration tools. But projects created with a free plan automatically become public and anyone can have read the project, including access to the geometry CAD model. See the next question.

What does “public” exactly mean?

It means that any project or report whose visibility is marked as “public” may be seen (i.e. accessed in read-only mode) by anyone on the Internet, including users not signed up or logged in into the CAEplex platform. Even more, other users may clone public projects and make changes on the copy, which may also be marked as “public.” It should be noted that all the data of a public project, including the geometry CAD file, will be accessible for anyone who requests it. Technically, public projects are released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Also, note that if a public project is deleted, the associated data may not be completely removed from our servers and such project may still be available for other users.

How does monthly billing work?

It works on a monthly basis, starting and ending the day of the month you signed up. For example, if you sign up for a standard account today, you will be charged 100 USD in your credit card today and every 25th day of the month. If you decide to cancel your subscription, you will no longer be charged the next month and your account will still be good until the end of the billing cycle.

How safe is the payment mechanism?

Data regarding your credit card (holder name, number, CVC, expiration, etc.) gets to our servers encrypted through a secure connection. Just make sure there is a green lock in the location bar of your browser:

We then send such data, again encrypted through a secure connection, to a PCI-compliant >payment-processing provider that handles your information appropriately. We do not store your information in our servers. We use the tokenization technique, which is the common mechanism for handling financial information in monthly subscriptions. So the answer is that the payment mechanism is state-of-the-art-secure.

How does the trial period work?

When you sign up to CAEplex you start with a Free account. Whenever you want to evaluate how CAEplex works with your 3D CAD models, you can start a 14-day trial period. During this period, you might have private projects and you have 10,000 credits and 512 Mb of data storage. After 14 days, your account will go back to the Free subscription automatically. At any time (either before or after the trial expires) you can upgrade your plan to the Standard Subscription, where you enter your credit card information once and start a billing cycle as explained above. You can only use your trial period once. After your account is downgraded back to the Free subscription, you can only then either subscribe to the either the Lite or Standard Plan, or request an Enterprise plan.

What are cloud credits?

Think of the cloud credits you get in yor CAEplex account as credits in a slot machine in a casino: you start with a bunch of them and as soon as you use the machine (i.e. the CAEplex platform) they are consumed. Once a month, you get a refill of cloud credits.

Whenever you use one of the codes that run in the cloud (i.e. to generate o mesh, to run a computation or to generate a report) one or more credits may be consumed from your account. Credits are worth both CPU time and RAM usage:

1 second of CPU time 1 credit
1 Gb of RAM during 1 CPU second 1 credit

Say you ran a computation that needed one second of CPU time and during that time it needed one Gigabyte of RAM. Then you would consume two credits. As simple as that. CPU times include both user and kernel-space times, and are really CPU time and not wall time. If a task is not successful (for example a failed meshing process) credits will not be consumed from your account. You can check a history of your credits in your account page.

How do I get CAEplex credits?

In the Free plan, your credits are renewed every thirty days. That is to say, thirty days after you first signed up you get again 5000 credits in your Free account. In the non-free plans, the first day of the billing cycle (i.e. every 25th day of the month if you started your subscription today) your credits are reset to 20,000  available credits if you have a Standard subscription. Any credits you did not use in the previous cycle are lost and are not available anymore.

Also, keep in touch with us in our social networks. From time to time, we offer promo codes worth of credits and plans.